Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Keith Christmas 08

Uncle Jim, Uncle Ken, Uncle Wayne and DAD
Me and Cousin Judy

JJ in the snow

Me and Phil at Uncle Wayne and Aunt Bevs

The gang

Keith Christmas 2008 in Tehachapi

Krista, Miranda, and Aunt Linda
Uncle Wayne and Shaundas friend.....I can't remember her name for the life of me! But she was super nice

Larry, Jennifer, Shaunda, and Aunt Bev

Cousin Jen, Cousin Daniel, Cousin Andy, Uncle Ken, & Mike in the background

Hettie and Cousin Judy....Heather looks like a rocker! ROCK ON HETTIE!

Modesto Ajax United Elite 96G

Both Modesto Teams won first place
Their first 1st place trophy!

Look at that cheesey smile!

The Durans!

The Odyssey Tournament Champions

Congrats Brianna
Aww good job Hettie

Why does she look so mad?

Is Jazzy dancing?

The four beautiful girls
Jazmin, Heather, Brianna & Alyssa

The coldest weekend of soccer EVER!!

In between games we watched Taylor and Baylee play, I think they lost but they both played awesome!

I think they placed 3rd in this tournament
Action shot of Miss Bay

I think they have 3 fingers up, so they must have got 3rd place. Look at Heather's face, are her eyes open?

~My buddies~
Jeannie, Maribel, Donna, and Me!

Miss Rhylie Lawry

I asked Miss Rhylie to take a picture of me and her mom and this is what we got!
Thats pretty good! Who is the masked man in the background?

A little bit off...notice Mike with his beanie all the way over his face!

Where are our bodies? I absolutely adore Rhylie she is such a great kid. We are very fortunte to know some pretty amazing kids....and their parents aren't that bad either!

Universal Studios 2008

Our little family
Our little family in front of a spaceship from Apollo 13

Mom and Dad in front of Apollo 13

Check out the red hair on this guy! I took like 5 pictures of him!

The Keith Girls! Hopefully this year if everything goes right, Heather will no longer be Heather Parker, She will be Heather Keith!